PackshotCreator media coverage – Selection of press reviews

PackshotCreator provides  ranges of automated photo systems.  Discover our last media review about last photo studios.

Chef d'Entreprise logoFebruary, the 3rd – «[PackshotXpress is] a mini photo studio that can be set on an office desk.

The first 360° animation of your product will be generated in a few clicks to be uploaded online. These pictures can be published on your website but can also be viewed on an iPad or an iPhone. Delivered in a small package, easy to transport and ready to use, you need only a few minutes to assemble your solution and start your own « photo studio ».

logoFebruary, the 18th – PackshotCreative Lightbox.

« it has become imperative for food product photos to be shot with full professionalism in order to attract and retain customers’ attention.“ […] Using the digital PackshotCreator creative lightbox to create amazing agro-alimentary product photos is fast, simple and highly effective. »
« Focus is another very important aspect in food photography. For example having a chocolate cake HD photos in clear focus with a blurred background of props definitely makes the photograph more stylish. The photographer should place the camera focus on the most important aspect of the food product for the customers to see. With such an innovative digital photo studio, food photography becomes easy! »

Profifoto logoFebruary, the 8th – « [PackshotXpress]

With an intuitive software interface, you can quickly create packshots and product animations and edit them online. »

February, the 21st – « The solution [PackshotCreator R3] is charaterized by pictures and animations offering a perfect lighting, without cast shadows nor reflections ; they are ready to use. »

e-commerce magazin logoFebruary, the 27th – PackshotCreator R3

The new R3 have a sophisticated back-light who generates a white background, where colors and textures are perfectly rendered.»

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