Press review – PackshotCreator – Selection of January,2012

Discover the press review about PackshotCreator automated photo solutions.

EDI  – Monthly Magazine – “The animations created with PackshotCreator R3 allow users to “virtually” manipulate objects on the web and manage to make them their own regardless of their browser and equipment (tablet, PC, smartphone, etc …).”


Wizishop – The 8th – “This is a perfect tool if you have many small products to photograph and want a perfectly controlled result.”


ITR – Press – The 11th – “This partnership allows both companies to ensure the availability of their offers worldwide, with sales offices on all five continents. Over 10 000 solutions have been sold in 50 countries.”


Le Monde Informatique – The 11th -“The leader for creating visuals and animations of products [PackshotCreator] for e-commerce websites just launched its first range of products dedicated to SMEs”


SCHUY  – The 18th – “Their promise? You product pictures perfectly edited and 360-degree views!” “You have an absolute control of shadows and reflections in just one click!”


L’Expression – Monthly Magazine – “The R3 also offers an effective way to reduce costs, as companies become owners of the photo

Become the photographer of your products

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