Augmented Reality Photography, the real and the virtual

Augmented Reality Photography (AR) is the blending of the real and the virtual. It is when virtual elements are augmented by computer programs and associated with reality. In this article, we will have a look at some of the AR tools used today.

Augmented reality photography: interactivity & efficiency

Slowly but certainly, the augmented reality photography is paving a way of virtual dependence. Technologies are adopting the augmented reality because of its high interactivity and efficiency. Our routine way of doing things is going to change in the coming years.

Face Tracking Technology

Face tracking technology is used mostly on cameras and mobile phones. It allows the camera to recognize and track a human face. Taking photos has become so much easy and simplified while improving quality. The camera automatically adjusts the focus, exposure and color balance.

Virtual Mirror

A lot of companies are implementing the use of virtual mirror on their websites. It is a 3D technology which allows online viewers who are sitting in front of their computer, to virtually try the latest products. A webcam is needed for it to work. For example, several companies selling sunglasses and eyeglasses have been using this interactive technology to market their products. This is also relevant in clothing. There are mirror-like displays in shops where customers can see themselves wearing different clothing items. There is no need for a fitting room and the technology allows you to modify your cloth color and appearance. It is also applicable to footwear where various shoes of different colors can be tried by just standing in front of the virtual mirror.

Intelligent Smartphones

Another example of the augmented reality is through the use of intelligent smartphones whereby you just point your Smartphone at a building or roadside and additional information instantly appear on your phone such as current location, nearest hotel, restaurant menus, wind direction, compass among others.

Interactive Marketing

One of the most important tools used, in relation to augmented reality in marketing, is interactive products animations. Using digital photo studios, marketers can instantly create 360 degree animations and 3D animations of products, irrespective of size and weight. Online customers can rotate such virtual products animations using their computer mouse. This is quite similar to actually holding the product and looking at it through every possible angle. With such appealing interactive animations, the rate of customer conversion definitely gets boosted.

The future of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is gradually changing the world. We can already guess how the future might be; with wearable gestural interface, you might be able to do everything with your hand or with your voice. For example, tomorrow you might take photos with just your hands, you might play multiplayer games in holograms battle fields …the possibilities are endless.

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