What’s the return on investment on an in-house product photo studio?

Any plan to bring photo production in-house should follow a clear primary objective: getting a return on investment.  What are the short-term and long-term advantages of acquiring an in-house product photo studio solution for image production?

An in-house product photo studio: the cornerstone of a comprehensive business strategy

Whether it’s there to serve the needs of an e-commerce platform (product still photos for furniture, close-ups for food, parapharmaceuticals…), or digital image production for archiving or Quality Control, an in-house photo studio is the cornerstone of a comprehensive business strategy.

It creates economies of scale in numerous areas that are not always obvious at first glance: for instance, it lets you shorten the time it takes to put products up for sale, and improves responsiveness when dealing with new product arrivals.


Product photo studio pictures cost

Cutting back on intermediaries & delays

Logistical gains using a product photo studio

Since automated photo solutions let you cut back on return trips to external service providers, your business can become more responsive and make immense gains that benefit every link in the supply chain. Reducing delays and cutting back on the number of intermediaries is good for your bottom line! And because of rapidly changing trends, this is especially true in industries like home furnishings, interior decor, fashion and eyewear.

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In concrete terms, an in-house product photo studio lets you avoid having to move products back and forth between multiple sites. On top of that, it allows you to stop depending on suppliers for things like photo equipment. See our article on the laws of attractiveness in e-commerce for more info.

Economies of scale

As in any industry, when you increase production, you should also see a drop in the final cost per item.

How many photo shoots does it take before an in-house photo studio gives you a return on investment?

Using an automated product photo shoot solution is an answer to this problem: the more product photos you take, the more the cost per photo goes down. It doesn’t cost a penny more to simultaneously put out a photo in multiple formats or shoot objects under several different angles!

Save on production time

An in-house photo studio is a professional studio that lets you create and produce visuals with speed.

The advantages of industrialization, with features like on-screen previews and light controls for impeccable results, save you a considerable amount of time. Below, a video showing some of the available Packshot software features: retouching, renaming and editing files in batches.


Save on man-hours

A photo shoot solution that’s software-controlled and assisted makes it easier to post your images online (as in the example below, where a photo is exported for publication on an e-commerce website), even taking into account any creative work or adjustments you might wish to make after the shutter clicks.

For instance, the software that comes with the machines will allow you to generate QR Codes or trim a photographed object intuitively in just a few clicks. This saves considerable time by allowing you to carry out multiple steps in a centralized manner, including different types of work: stock management, production and post-production.

Responsive, optimized decisions

Bringing photo shoots in-house speeds up the decision-making process

  • The time it takes to go from making a decision to posting an image on your website is drastically reduced.
  • You are in full control of each step, making you more responsive.
  • Putting a product online becomes an extremely fast and simple process. This lets you deal with critical periods like sales and promotional campaigns with more peace of mind — and get a leg up on the competition!

To wrap up

Logistical gains, economies of scale, time savings, optimization and increased responsiveness are the key factors to take into account when calculating your Return On Investment (ROI).

And when you measure the impact of investing in a Packshot studio, there are other, more qualitative factors to consider as well: taking control of your schedule, no longer having to depend on external service providers, and the option of determining your own quality standards and your own commitments.

Become the photographer of your products

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