An efficient Studio Product Photography for Fashion Center

They called on PackshotCreator to set up a complete in house system for photo shoots

How do you shoot thousands of clothes and accessories, in flatlay and on mannequins, and on top of that produce 360° animations for digital and print communications? That was the challenge facing the founders of the new Helsinki Fashion Center in Finland. They called on PackshotCreator to set up a complete in house system for photo shoots.

A unique shopping experience

From wholesale to retail, garment business meetings, showrooms, and all kinds of fashion-related happenings, the Fashion Center brings these and many other fashion industry events together in one place. Designed to provide visitors with a unique shopping experience, the center is about to open a new outlet store.

fashion center

With 26,000 m² devoted to fashion, this brand new space is now equipped with a PackshotCreator studio.

What are systems should you use to shoot fashion collections?

When setting up this new multi-brand outlet store and its associated website, Timy Lassooy and his colleagues, who founded the Fashion Center, were faced with a challenge: thousands of product images to shoot, animate and upload. “The Fashion Center outlet store is our newest business venture. When working for other companies, we did experience what it was like to do product photography in house. However, this is the first time that we’ve ever used a complete, integrated solution like PackshotCreator. It’s going to let us improve our image production capacity,” explains Lassooy, an important figure in the Finnish fashion industry.

A standardized image production line

The outlet store has a room devoted to the new studio set up, which is made up of three photography systems operated by PackshotCreator software. The LuminaPad+ Mark II light table will be used in horizontal mode for shooting garments in flatlay, and the PackshotCreator R3 will be used to shoot photos and 360° animations of packaging and footwear. The PackshotSpin O6T turntable with an added cyclorama backdrop will be dedicated to shooting photos and animations of clothing on mannequins. “When the studio was installed, we put together a design brief for future users so they could organize their production line, assigning different types of products to the different systems in the in-house photography studio. That way each piece of equipment is dedicated to a specific type of product and method of shooting. The same software runs the entire process, which is 100% standardized and simultaneously operates each of the systems, explains Michael Bakouch, the photography instructor who installed and set up the photography systems.

A versatile 2 in 1 photography system

Timy Lassooy, a découvert PackshotCreator sur le web en recherchant des solutions pour internaliser sa production de visuels : « Nous allons prochainement réaliser des photographies et animations d’une collection de 2.000 références et d’autres shootings suivront. Il nous fallait intégrer un véritable système de prise de vue en interne pour de la photo fixe de vêtements à plat et de nombreuses animations à 360° sur mannequins ghost. La nouvelle version du LuminaPad, combinée à deux autres systèmes, nous a été recommandée par un des experts en photographie de produits chez PackshotCreator. J’ai été séduit par la polyvalence de ce système intégré pour réaliser nos shootings photo. Nous avons eu une très bonne impression lors de l’installation du système dans nos locaux et sommes impatients de l’utiliser ! ».

Timy Lassooy discovered PackshotCreator online when he was looking for a way to bring his image production in-house. “In the near future we’ll be producing photos and animations of a collection of 2,000 items, and more photo shoots will follow. We had to set up a fully functioning photography system in house for still photographs of garments in flatlay and a lot of 360° animations with ghost mannequins. A product photography expert from PackshotCreator recommended the new version of the LuminaPad combined with two other systems. What won me over was the versatility of this all-in-one system for photo shoots. We were very impressed when setting it up in our locale and can’t wait to start using it!”

Unprecedented features

The newest PackshotCreator solution is a system with 2 in 1 functionality: a light table that converts to a backlit studio backdrop. Operated by the PackshotCreator 2017 software suite, the LuminaPad+ Mark II is equipped with the latest LED lighting system on the market. Thanks to the new LiveLight feature, its 4 ambient lighting panels can be fully operated from any touchscreen device.


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