E-commerce revolution : all products in 3D

SportOkay.com has launched last autumn a new website dedicated to sporting goods with a large choice of products. SportOkay.com is specialized in mountain equipments, trekking and cycling gear from the most reputed brands. Delivery is available in Europe.


Why SportOkay showing one’s products in 3D?

Online interactive 3D is an unparalleled customer experience. A recent study conducted in Europe among PackshotCreator clients has shown that about 60% of clients who display animations on their website have witnessed an improvement of the user experience. In 64% of the cases, this is shown in a turnover increase and in 55% of them, such improved experience translates in a decrease in product returns (less disappointment or changing mind…).

Spherical & semispherical views of products

This young company has purchased two 3D arm systemsPackshotSphere X5 (size M and L) to showcase its products in 3D online. This has allowed the company to automatize the creation of spherical and semispherical views of products of all sizes, from the smallest ones (chronometer, lamp, skiing glasses, shoes and accessories…) to the largest ones (ski sticks and suits, sport bags…).

Become the photographer of your products

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