2017 winter sales: top 5 don’ts for your product web pages

In a few days, e-commerce websites will be trading their Christmas template to a winter sales theme design to prepare for the long-awaited sales of January. Indeed, e-sellers have been preparing their online shops for a few weeks already to welcome customers looking for online deals.


We are taking this opportunity to remind you a few best practices to maximize your sales!

An e-shop must allow the customers to virtually touch the product, so that he can familiarize himself with the product. The ultimate going being to offer an interactive customer experience even richer and more comfortable that the one in a real store. Undoubtedly, a successful online sale depends greatly on the way the product is displayed online


footwear photography for ecommerce with PackshotCreator photo studios


To get started, here are 5 don’ts for your product webpages:

1 – A product webpage with bad quality images

Enough with small-sized, blurry supplier images or home-made pictures of items shot on the shop’s floor!  Showcasing a product means displaying them on a uniform background (white or black, preferably) so that the visitor’s attention is focused on the product, not on the environment.

2 – Displaying one single picture of your product

The visitor can’t touch the product himself. He thus has to be reassured with multiple views of the product at different angles, so that he can mentally recreate the product as if he was holding it in his hands. More information is less hesitations, and thus more chances to convert a visitor into a client!
Bonus: add 360° or 3D interactive views of the product that allow the visitor to rotate the product at his will.

You can also add images or videos of the product in a real environment. This is particularly efficient for the fashion industry where you could see the product actually worn by a model.

3 – Unrealistic images

Showing the best of your product, yes, but displaying over edited images, no! This would increase the risks of product returns from customers who may not like the fact that your product is actually red and not pink… That’s why for packshot photography, we recommend shooting your products in a daylight type environment that would offer a neutral realistic light.

4 – Non-homogeneous images

When it comes to website ergonomics, a pleasant e-commerce website is a website that offers a homogeneous content (products shot with the same lighting, same angles…) thus giving an impression of a clear e-shop.

This allows the visitor to easily compare different products when put next to each other.

5 – Huge download time

Nothing more irritating than having to wait long minutes before being able to see a product picture on a webpage, especially during winter sales.

Make sure to upload small-size product images (less than 500 Ko) while offering a high resolution image adapted to HD browsers.

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