3D product shots how does it work? Our technology for effective shootings

3D product shots: the benefits of interactive and 3D content for e-commerce is no more to prove: the user familiarizes himself with the product, which increases your chances to selling it.

Display your product in realistic 3D for better sales

PackshotCreator has conducted a survey which shows that:

  • 81% of Internet users declare that the biggest restraint for purchase is when the product pictures are too small or of poor quality.
  • 58% prefer viewing products through 360 degree animations and 3D products visuals.

 But first of all, what is a realistic 3D product animation ?

  • It is when you can see ALL sides of a product: a true realistic 3D animation allows you to view your product from several angles – from the bottom to the top of the item and even from underneath!
  • It is when you see a true photography of your product: realistic 3D product animations made from photography differs from 3D modeling or 3D rendering in the way that they offer perfect rendering of textures, colors and volumes.
  • It is when you can manipulate and deep zoom on your product: the animations that are generated are fully interactive so the user virtually controls the product, makes it rotate or smoothly zoom on it from its computer, smartphone or tablet.

The technology behind 3D product shots 

3d axis photography

To make this virtual 3D control look realistic, 3D product shots is based on 3-axis photography: the combination of several 360-degree rotations and the shooting on a third axis allows for a real 3D hemispherical view.

The third axis must be going from the bottom to the top of the product, describing the shape of a curve ; the same distance should remain between the camera lens and the center of the product.

This is the only way you can obtain a fluid realistic 3D animation.

How does PackshotCreator make 3D product shots easier for users?

The PackshotCreator solutions are designed to automate the 3D product shots  of your objects so that you go Rich Media effortless.

The MaestroBot 3D: the all-in-one robotic solution for 3D product shots and modeling

MaestroBot 3D from PackshotCreator 

MaestroBot 3D is the only entirely robotic tool on the market to offer you as many possibilities. You can thus photograph products on a pure white background, position, capture a product from different angles, crop it automatically with a few clicks. And you can then generate interactive 360° products views, or in 3D to virtualize a productThe whole process is remotely controlled from the PackshotCreator software.

PackshotSphere: 3D product shots up to 150 cm!

PackshotSphere 3D with articulated arm for constant shooting

On the PackshotSphere 3D systems, the camera placed on the articulated arm allows for a consistent shooting all around the product. You can shoot products up to 150 cm!

Combined with the PackshotSpin 360 product turntable, the software assists the user in setting the right camera angle so that he can place the PackshotSphere arm at the exact correct degree.

PackshotSphere X5: made to speed 3D product shots!

Based on the PackshotSphere solution, the PackshotSphere X5 systems were designed to speed the whole 3D process up, thanks to these unique features:

  • 5 cameras = 5 preset angles: the arm features 5 cameras precisely positioned to instantly give you a 3D hemispherical view of your products – as well as still pictures and 360-degree animations, as you wish.
  • No need to touch the cameras again for further shootings: whatever your product is, you won’t have to change each cameras’ tilt or position! Simply set the arm height through the hydraulic platform and shoot!
  • The included software has many features to boost your productivity: multicamera control, batch editing and retouching – you can crop up to 1800 views in few clicks!- thanks to task-parallel workflow…
  • The created animations can be easily integrated to your e-commerce website and be viewed on all computer browsers, tablets, smartphones…
  • View your product in detail as never before thanks to the x20 ultra-deep zoom.
  • The PackshotSphere X5 solutions are available in 3 sizes and can support products up to 200 cm.

Become the photographer of your products

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