How to create Hearts and Arrows view with PackshotMacro DIS?

Hearts and Arrows view refers to diamonds that have been cut to a very high level of three-dimensional symmetry, as well known as optimal symmetry. The cut is the one of most important characteristics of a diamond as it defines the quality of the stone. The way a diamond is cut, influences its light performance, optimal symmetry and uniqueness. Their craftsmanship demand greater skills, time, and cost to develop, making them premium in the market.

    Hearts and Arrows view


Loose Diamond Kit


PackshotMacro DIS
Canon EOS 6D Mark II
100mm Macro Lens
Extender Lens


3 minutes
  • 1. Loose Diamond Kit supplies
    loose diamond kit supplies to create hearts and arrows view

    These are the supplies from your Loose Diamond Kit, available with the PackshotMacro DIS photo studio, required for this tutorial:


    1- Ideal Scope

    2- Ideal Scope raiser

    3– 3 optical O-rings

    4- Air caps

    5- Tweezers


  • 2. Getting started
    setting up PackshotMacro DIS studio to create diamond hearts and arrows view
    • Place the ideal scope raiser over the support located in middle of the studio (photo 1)
    • Choose an air cap according to the size of your diamond and place it on the middle support, making sure the support locks the air cap (photo 2)
    • This kit comes with 3 optical O-rings. Choose one according to the size of your diamond and insert it in the Ideal Scope. (photo 3). To change them, unscrew the 3 hex nuts (photo 4)


    Note: Larger diameter for larger diamonds.

  • 3. Prepare your diamond for the view
    creating hearts and arrows view with loose diamonds kit

    It is important to clean your diamond properly before creating the view. Use a lint free microfiber cloth or a steam cleaner.


    On the software, click on turntable controls and turn ON the air suction mode. Then, with the tweezer, place the diamond on the air cap so it stands vertically upright. Next, insert the Ideal Scope over the diamond, laying flat on the raiser.

  • 4. Position your camera
    camera angle to shoot diamond hearts and arrows

    Position your camera in front of the diamond’s table. It should be set to 0 degree, as shown on the image. Use the turntable controls on the software to rotate the diamond until it is facing the camera’s lens. It is very important that the diamond is perfectly centered with the camera’s lens. Use the positioning marks on the software to help you with the centering.

  • 5. Adjust your camera and light settings
    ideal camera and light settings to create hearts and arrows view

    On the software interface, set your camera’s aperture value to 13, ISO 400 and shutter speed 1/10. Then click on the picture style toggle and adjust the saturation to 4 and sharpness 7. Next, turn off all lights on your studios, leaving only the toplight at 100%

  • 6. Make your diamond sharp
    how to focus a diamond for heart and arrow view

    Before creating the view, your diamond needs to be focused. On the software, make a x 10 zoom by double clicking the zoom button. Then, turn OFF the depth of field toggle and manually adjust the focusing area according to your diamond’s shape. Use the picture as a guide to the diamond focusing areas for different diamonds shape. Now that your gem is focused, turn the “depth of field” back ON.


    Note: Adjust the Ideal Scope left, right, back and forth until the Hearts and Arrows become more homogeneous and defined.

  • 7. Automatically capture both views, Hearts and Arrows
    set a custom defined to automatically create hearts and arrows view
    • When the camera and diamond are correctly centered, choose 2D and Custom Defined as your capture mode
    • Click on “Custom Defined” settings, then press the + button and add 2 views.
    • For the first view added, set the spin degree to 0. Then, select 180 for the second view. Leave both shooting mode as continuous and close the window
    • Press snap to create the views
  • 8. The result

    Now you are all set. The software automatically takes the first photo on 0° to create the Arrows view. It then synchronizes the second camera shot with the turntable’s 180° rotation to shoot the diamond’s pavilion creating the Hearts views. Save your files.


    Learn how to create 360° brilliance, fire and sparkle views of your diamond.


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