Footwear product photography with in-house photo & animation studios

Footwear product photography with in-house photo & animation studios

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There are so many uses for visuals in the footwear industry: e-commerce and cross-channel marketing, general retail, outlet sales, orthopaedic and luxury brands…

Footwear product photography is essential. While internet sales are growing in popularity, some customers are still reluctant to buy shoes online. Their standards are high — they need convincing. You can quell their fears with detailed, interactive visuals and a successful user experience. Stay on top of trends and bolster your online presence to create strong relationships with your clientele.

PACKSHOTCREATOR: 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE bringing your in-house footwear product photography production. A preferred partner for hundreds of footwear businesses since 2001.


Sneakers, boots, heels, oxfords, footwear components and accessories… With PackshotCreator, creating visuals becomes a simple, intuitive process.
  • Which PackshotCreator solutions are best suited to producing footwear product photography?
  • Are these solutions designed to cover still views, multi-angle shots and animations?
  • How can I independently photograph the most challenging items, like lacquered or white shoes?
  • Will I get the same results as a professional photographer?
  • What are the obstacles to online sales?
  • How can I use multi-angle views and 3D modelling to showcase the different components of my shoes?
  • Is there room for a photo studio in an office, shop, warehouse or stock room?

Our experts have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 15 years.

Discover our all-in-one photo studios for footwear product photography

  • A compact, versatile studio for maximum ROI

    Our automated photography studios are designed to take up a minimum amount of space while giving you maximum productivity. From offices to warehouses, our solutions can fit into any workspace configuration.
  • shoes-pack-shot-photographer

    Photography studios designed and equipped for the footwear industry

    With advanced, coordinated photo equipment and customized services, PackshotCreator empowers you to create images of any type of footwear in-house: sports shoes, sneakers, rubber boots, stiletto heels, ballerina pumps, oxfords...
  • Retoucher des photos de chaussures logiciel packshotcreator

    Take control of your internal and client-facing communications

    Produce your own photos and animations for e-commerce, catalogues and brochures, sales, purchasing, customer service, R&D and Quality Control!

Boost your site and your sales with interactive visuals

Innovations in online retail are more and more relevant to the customer experience. Configurators and other customization tools are flourishing on the greatest designer brands’ e-commerce sites and mobile apps. The PackshotCreatorMini Mark II, PackshotOne, and PackshotCreator R3 are operated by the most powerful software suite on the market and (together with PackshotViewer software) allow you to create innovative 360° or 3D animations.

Use 3D models of your designs to reassure your buyers or let them create THE shoe of their dreams.

Check out our photo studios

Show off the quality of your manufacturing with detailed images

In a world where there are so many ways to sell shoes — like brick-and-mortar stores, private sales, e-commerce, closet clear-outs, and fashions apps — stand out with flawless, 100% clear images. Each detail of your product can make the difference to close a sale: an embossed leather upper, an embellished tongue, or simply the height of a heel. Reveal the unique characteristics of your items with 360° animations and communicate essential purchase information, like the details of blake or goodyear stitching.

Enhance your footwear product photography

Alongside clear, precise sizing information, in distance sales it’s crucial to guide your clients through your brand universe and your creations. Take advantage of features like the 20x zoom , cropping assistance, highlighting, overprinting… to create uniform, legible images of all your products, in every detail.

Your photographs will add value by faithfully reproducing the textures, materials, colours and details of your footwear.

Discover all the PackshotCreator technologies

Features for footwear

Maak een 360 graden-animatie van schoenen voor de e-commerce.

Met de Packshot Viewer -software maakt u foto's en animaties van schoenen waarbij u uw klanten de maten en andere interactieve vermeldingen kunt meegeven.

packshot 3D schoenen e-commerce

Van een eenvoudige foto tot de 3D-modellering via de fotogalerij, de kwaliteit van de gerealiseerde foto’s en de diversiteit van de voorgestelde hoeken verhogen uw conversiepercentage, verminderen de retours en verlichten de werklast van uw after-sales service..

Installeer een foto studio van packshot om schoenen te fotograferen

Optimaliseer uw foto’s en bewaar al uw belichtings-, positionerings- en kaderinstellingen met de Packshot Creator -software en sla vervolgens profielen op aan de hand van de vormen, materialen en kleuren van uw schoenentypen zoals ballerina’s, sneakers, mocassins en wandelschoenen.

Bijsnijden van een foto van schoenen

Maak intern met packshot foto’s en animaties op een witte achtergrond of in een cut-out animatie. Maak een homogene en intuïtieve van uw online webshop.

Fotografeer de details van een schoen voor e-commerce

Dankzij een Full LED-omgeving en diffuus licht, fotografeert u eenvoudig de details, zelfs de kleinste, die de vervaardiging van uw schoenen laten zien, de stift van de veters, inzetstuk, gespen...

Packshot e-commerce foto schoenen

Voor de winkelervaring van uw klanten of voor uw kwaliteitscontrole, gebruikt u de zoom x 20 om de schachthoogte of het hielstuk van uw schoenen te accentueren.

Maak een scherpe foto van een schoen in uw eigen studio

Een schoen voor vrouwen, scherp van de punt tot de achterkant, zonder wazige stukken in uw foto's en animaties dankzij de exclusieve HyperFocus-functie.

Fotograferen van een witte schoen productkaart e-commerce

Variabele en verstelbare verlichting aangepast aan de moeilijkste producten, gelakte bruidsschoenen, witte leren tennisschoenen, dansschoenen ...

Testimonial from a company that's an expert in responsive systems

Today, successful e-retailers have discovered the best ways to reassure potential buyers: creating truly detailed photographs of your footwear in-house, providing 360° and 3D product views and even using interactive interface to help customers select the right size. But how can you create and upload high-quality images of over 300 new pairs of shoes every season?

The image rendering is fully uniform. We got a return on our investment in terms of the time we saved producing photos in-house, and the website generated sales right away.

Julien Tuil, chief executive of Ann Tuil

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bewerk foto's van schoenen met de software
post-productie software fotostudio e-commerce
bijsnijden van foto's van schoenen voor uw online webshop
Fotografie van schoenen e-commerce packshotCreator
fotografie software packshot e-commerce
  • bewerk foto's van schoenen met de software
  • post-productie software fotostudio e-commerce
  • bijsnijden van foto's van schoenen voor uw online webshop
  • Fotografie van schoenen e-commerce packshotCreator
  • fotografie software packshot e-commerce
fotografeer schoenen met een studio packshot

Master in-house photo shoots for footwear

We offer PackshotCreator training that’s specifically tailored to the footwear industry.

Since 2003, our product photography specialists have trained thousands of customers, working with the latest Canon and Nikon technologies in combination with PackshotCreator automated photo studios or their own studio set-ups.
The goal is intensive practical work creating footwear product photography in order to understand and master photo shoot basics.
You can choose between an initial one-day course or a full training cycle with specialization modules (360° animations, e-commerce, or even post-production). At the end of the training course, you will be 100% ready to employ your photo solution and become your own product photographer.


What are the benefits?

A shoe company describes its e-commerce display

Je souhaitais réaliser des visuels de qualité, avec un respect des couleurs, sans pour autant être expert en photographie. En un coup d’œil, l’internaute capte la qualité de fabrication du produit. Le bénéfice immédiat est le gain de temps : une animation à 360° prête à l’emploi me prend moins de 15 minutes.

Tuan Hoang - Gérant de la société

Uses MaestroBot Start
entrez dans la modélisation 3D photo-réaliste

Etant dans une problématique de vente à distance, nous avions besoin d’avoir des visuels en haute définition afin de mettre en valeur le plus fidèlement possible la qualité de nos chaussures. Grâce à cette solution de studios photos en interne, nous pouvons photographier nos chaussures dès réception afin de pouvoir les mettre en ligne le plus rapidement possible. C’est cette association entre la facilité d’exécution et le rendu professionnel des photographies qui nous a séduite.

Véronique Ledrappier - Directrice générale

Uses PackshotMini Mark II
le studio photo compact

Les Souliers

Avec un catalogue de plus de 300 paires de chaussures par saison, la boutique en ligne de Ann Tuil doit être mise à jour en permanence. Avec la solution PackshotCreator, nous pouvons shooter nos modèles en interne au fur et à mesure, ce qui permet d’éviter le rush du lancement des nouvelles collections.