Upgrade your photo studio with the product photography hanging accessories

Product photography hanging accessories

With the hanging accessories dedicated to product photography, give your objects a more realistic rendering and be able to create animations of products that are not stable when placed, by hanging them.


Hanging rotation kit


accessory to hang bags handles

This product photography hanging accessory accompanies the rotation of your products that need to be suspended. Present them in their best light and in conditions close to reality. Hold, for example, a handbag handle to take a picture. The hanging rotation kit is suitable for a wide range of PackshotCreator photo studios.

With Hanging rotation kit:

Without Hanging rotation kit:



Motorized hanging rotation kit

accessory to hang light products


This hanging 360 motorized turntable allows you to create multi-angle photos and animations of your products that are light and cannot be placed on a flat surface. You create fluid and realistic animations of your leather goods or any other product that needs to be suspended.

(Make it turn…)




Hanging PackshotSpin O3T+

accessory to hang heavy products

Designed to be combined with the PackshotAlto Mark II automated photo studio, this suspended rotation system allows the creation of 2D pictures and animations of products weighing up to 20 kg that cannot be placed stably on a turntable. Composed of 4 sliding hanging points and a central hanging point, a multitude of products can then be hung, whatever their size.

hanging saxophone product photography

Become the photographer of your products

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to take a picture of a bag with hanging handles?

To give a more realistic look to a handbag, it will be better to hang its handles. Discover how.

How to create an animation of a product unstable when laying down on the floor?

If the product is unstable, the rotation will not be consistent. Hang the product might be the solution. How?