How to create 3D animations of big items in few minutes?

Imagine 5 cameras offering a hemispherical view of a product in real time… and in just a few minutes your products appear in 3D on your website. Discover the new 3D arm system for product photography PackshotSphere X5 that allows you to shot in just one single click up to 1800 HD views of a product up to 2 meters tall.

3D for really XL items 

The new PackshotSphere X5 is available in 3 sizes. It fits perfectly with a PackshotCreator R3 to create in a few clicks 3D animations on a pure white background. It can also be used with the PackshotSpin O6T and O9T 360 turntables to animate objects up to 2 meters tall or weighing more than 300 kg.

3d photo studio product photography

A real good help for everyone, even for e-traders of luggage, furniture, sporting goods, scooters…and why not a Christmas tree!

The photo shots are both simple and quick, for a hyper realistic result.

The creation of animations is fully automated and is even more efficient through the use of the 5 controlled cameras. The resulting animation provides a real 3-dimension navigation which allows you to browse in depth into your product image.

The process of creating realistic 3D animations from a series of HD product images is the only way to obtain a flawless texture and color rendering. Even the leather grain is visible on a hand bag through the deep zoom feature.

For advanced users, images and animations can be saved in RAW, TIFF or JPEG formats; animations can be generated in the HTML5 format, which ensures smartphone and tablet compatibility. Internet users are thus invited to virtually touch the product with their fingers, examine the item under all angles and zoom in to reach even the smallest details.

As a result, the user is offered a unique online experience while e-commerce websites benefit from a great asset.

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