Should I buy a second-hand packshot photo studio?

What factors should be taken in consideration when investing in a second-hand packshot photo studio? Whether it is for a lighting kit, a photo light box for 2D products shooting or a full photo studio with 360° turntable: let see the key elements.

Chloé is the head of a jewellery designer collective in Paris, she has just created her online shop. To avoid logistical trips and be more responsive, the entrepreneur decides to equip herself with an in-house photo studio to take herself photographs and 360° animations of her collective. The main motivation for this decision: to free oneself from logistical constraints and external service providers to produce one’s own visuals. It is about 200 products to be photographed per month: multi-view photos and 360° animations of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or pendants…

earings and ring product photography with second-hand packshot photo studio

Second hand photo studios for product photography? Yes, but…

The creations are unique and the purchase of a product photo studio should allow her to benefit from a complete equipment: light box and integrated 360° turntable. Another advantage is the software that controls the studio and the camera. It is the central tool for organizing the photographic production flow. From product positioning, through image processing, to file output, then integration on a website. The entire process is controlled from a computer screen.

Chloé, after researching the available solutions for taking pictures of jewellery, decided to buy one. She goes to classified ads and online sales sites. She focuses on two ads offering second-hand packshot photo studios. In one of them, it is sold a light box with four daylight neon lights and a backlight. The product photography software and an older generation Canon compact camera are also included in this photo studio kit, from 2008.

Second hand Packshot photo studio Ebay

The acquisition of a second-hand packshot photo studio seems attractive at first because of the prices charged. However, many technologies will be outdated.

… Several key elements are to be taken into consideration

Should she buy it or invest in a new studio? Several elements must be taken into account in the decision-making process. It depends on the type of product, its complexity, the quantity to be photographed. The acquisition of an old model seems attractive at first because of the prices charged. However, many technologies will be outdated: lighting, camera models that can be used in the studio or software compatibility with the latest operating systems.

“The second-hand market is not systematically provided. Most of the systems offered for sale on this market sometimes have been in use for more than ten years. At PackshotCreator, we offer a complete range of photo studios. It is aimed at all sectors of activity. Purchasing a photo studio is a long-term investment. This is why most of the studios on the second-hand market have already been used for many years. In recent years, many innovations have profoundly improved these shooting systems,” explains Laurent Wainberg, founder and CEO of PackshotCreator.

Product photography software and second hand packshot photo studio

”A 2008 packshot shooting system was designed to produce visuals that meet the quality standards required at that time. In 2019, standards evolved.”

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Over the past 10 years, many innovations have marked the world of technology: the gradual arrival of focus stacking, progressive and immersive zoom technologies, reflection and transparency management, the color rendering index (CRI)… As for shooting technologies, the observation is identical: “a 2008 packshot shooting system was designed to produce visuals that meet the quality standards required at that time. In 2019, standards evolved, as did the demands of Internet users. They want more quality, richness and visual information. Like 2019 model cameras that produce more qualitative images, product photography systems evolve from year to year. “, specifies Laurent Wainberg.

Software PackshotCreator with second hand packshot photo studio

Here are the elements that Chloé must take into consideration before acquiring a second-hand photo studio:

1- Multi-source LED lighting to highlight complex products

Today, LED lighting is much more efficient than the fluorescent tubes found in older generations of photo studios. The LED technology has a longer life than a fluorescent tube: 20 to 50,000 hours, against 5 to 15,000 hours for fluorescent lamps. Another advantage is their low energy consumption and the absence of heating, even in intensive use. “PackshotCreator studios are equipped with a ventilation system that prevents overheating of the lighting system and all components, even under heavy use. “, explains Océane, PackshotCreator expert. In addition, there is also an instant maximum lighting intensity. The use of the various LED light sources from the latest generation studios will allow Chloé to be more efficient when shooting complex objects.

2- The compatibility of a packshot photography software

Connecting all shooting equipment, providing a user interface and managing the entire visual workflow are the primary tasks of product photography software. The PackshotCreator product photography software has been constantly evolving since 2004. Adding new features, evolving compatibility with new digital SLR cameras or the latest Apple and Microsoft operating systems: “It is difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee the compatibility of an old software version. The buyer of a studio driven by a very old software version that is not updated will necessarily be limited. For example, new versions of operating systems are not compatible with older shooting software. “, adds Océane.

product photography software compatibility

3- Use the full power of product photography software

The latest software-controlled studio models are therefore compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Optimal use of the power of multi-core processors makes it possible to get the most out of new software features. These include powerful algorithms for shooting, 360° animation, routing and retouching. They constitute the entire photographic production flow, the product photography workflow.

A used studio run by an older version of product photography software will not be able to meet some of Chloé’s needs. Indeed, only new or recent Packshot photo studios meet current needs and standards: image quality, ease of use and productivity.

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